European Training Centre Copenhagen is a modern training agency and project facilitator delivering cost-effective and efficient training seminars by utilizing the best located facilities and partner opportunities in Denmark and Europe. ETCC and our partner beneficiaries could find the best solution together with you.

European Training Centre Copenhagen is an agency organised as a network organisation cooperating with Danish and international key-specialists in order to ensure the most updated and best-practice based training on our seminars and workshops.

The core team has all more than 30 years of experience working with EU programmes both in Denmark, Scandinavia, new and old member states as well as accession countries and i.e. SNG countries, both as training providers and project managers, team leaders and monitors/ evaluators of EU projects. The specific trainer specialists will be selected for each seminar as well as the on – site visit places.

European Training Centre Copenhagen offers effective and participant involving trainings for individual trainees as well as tailor made training sessions and workshops-on-locations where the training sessions are combined with on-site visits and lectures. And always with lecturers and facilitators with an up-to-date knowledge and know-how.

European Training Centre Copenhagen participates and manages EU Programmes like Erasmus+ 

β€œFor too long, information, opportunities, and resources have been constraints, they need to be the bridges.”

The Oresund Bridge

― Sharad Vivek Sagar

ACTIVITIES offers hands-on training combined with policy development seminars and workshops-on-location. facilitates transfer of knowledge from best practices and  regional developments in terms of income, wealth and opportunities through cooperation bewteen institutions, research and enterprises at local, regional, interregional and transnational levels.

CREATION OF COOPERATION is a strong partner in projects, i.e. Erasmus+, Horizon and other EU, international and national funded projects. We are working with universities, VET, and many different organisations - from business to civil society and public organisations. is also providing Senior Experts, Project Management and/or acting as facilitator among participants in different EU funded projects.


A source of information which can be used for inspiration and/or recapitulation from the activities. It is not meant to be a systematic channel of information but a pile of sourses where you will find interesting and illustrative presentations. Especially concerning the core themes the are working on..

We transfer ideas into hands-on knowledge and sustainable practices