The "creative economy" in the world economic and development agenda

The creative economy is an emerging concept dealing with the interface between creativity, culture, economics and technology in a contemporary world dominated by images, sounds, texts and symbols.

Today, the creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy providing new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy.

ETCC works with different activities in this field.

A little more info

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has focued on the creative economy as a key driver in the coming decades economic development. Visit their website here

Also, the EU is focusing on the creative and cultural industries. In line with the Europe 2020 strategy for growth and jobs, the European Commission's role is, in general, to ensure that the culture sector is able to increasingly contribute to employment and growth across Europe.

Specifically, this involves the provision of direct financial and technical support, whether in the form of grants or the establishment of networks and platforms to support the sector. Visit their website here


Smart inclusive cities

The definition: A developed urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas; economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government. Excelling in these key areas can be done so through strong human capital, social capital, and/or ICT infrastructure. Danish Smart Cities concept is: Sustainable living in an urban world...", says Marianna Lubanski, Copenhagen Capacity, emphasizing that Danish companies are adept at creating coherent solutions where one good initiative does not happen at the expense of another. Read their report here.

Also, the EU works on promoting smart cities and a number of networks have been established among the cities working on implementing the concept. ETCC is espeically focused on smart inclusive cities.


ETCC is a social enterprise

ETCC is member of Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark, a national association for everyone interested in social entrepreneurship, social innovation, social enterprise, co-production and other solutions to welfare issues across the civil, public and private sectors. 

Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark is constantly working to strengthen networks for social entrepreneurs locally, nationally in Denmark and internationally to the benefit of our members. Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark are working for creating the optimal conditions for social entrepreneurs in terms of funding, education and sharing of knowledge. We are a source of news, research and events for members based in Denmark, and present models of Danish social enterprise to the rest of the world.


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